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storyFORMing is a design framework for start-ups and existing projects and enterprises, offering a new way for them to think about, craft and tell stories.

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When do i storyFORM?

storyFORMing is a tool you can apply at any stage. 

storyFORMing works at the planning stage to sketch or elaborate an idea, and throughout a business's or project's life cycle. It provides teams and organisations with a method for evaluating impact and archiving projects.

Applied across an idea's lifecycle, storyFORMing becomes a lens: a way of looking at the world and how to create value for others.

How does it work?

storyFORMing provides a framework for conversations propelled by questions. 

The clarity the question process generates helps you draw other people into the heart of your commercial story.

storyFORMing is also a way of capturing thinking, and organising for iteration and dissemination.

HOW DO i do it?

You can learn the storyFORMing framework through my workshops and through 1:1 and team coaching. Beginning in spring 2016, I'm experimenting with online learning. A prototype course covering half of the framework is in the lab. 

Have we arranged to speak?

The beta course is now full.

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